If you find yourself reading this, your first question is most likely, why. Why is she posting this stuff? Why does she think anyone cares to read her thoughts? Why is the woman convincing everyone she is crazy in an online format?

Well, this this is for me. As a wife, Mom, a woman, friend, full time employee and a host of other titles very few things in my life are solely mine. This is not a bad thing and by no means am I complaining. The older I get, the more stressful life gets, the more life pulls me a more directions than I can count I find myself for the first time plagued with anxiety and/or fear.

In an attempt to speak more of what’s on my mind and deal with my thought in a more appropriate way, I thought if I put my thoughts on “pen and paper” I might be able to express the feelings I have rather than guard them or keep them in my head where the fester. ¬†Ultimately if someone comes across this and it helps them, that is even more amazing and more than I could ever ask. I can’t imagine I am the only woman in her mid thirties having a difficult time dealing with the stress of an average life.

So is journey begins.


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