Too long…..

I can’t remember the last time I wrote. It feels like a lifetime ago. But here we are again. The holiday’s were good but stressful. My boys love Christmas with all out family. They were spoiled rotten. They had an amazing time. However our visit ended with an argument. I won’t lie it wasn’t pretty […]

There are days….

There are days that are good. Days that are wonderful and fabulous. There are bad days. There are days I don’t want to repeat. It hasn’t been a bad day per say. But, it has been a day. In the last month, my boys have started school. I have applied for new jobs. My husband […]

Guess who showed up

Over the last few months month I have been doing very well with keeping my anxiety is check. I have been rather proud of the steps I have taken. I heard or read, can’t remember which, that worrying over things is a form of not depending and completely trusting God. After all His Word doses say […]


Loss stinks. Actually, even though my Mother hates this word, loss sucks. There’s no other way to explain it. Loss hurts. It breaks hearts and changes lives. I don’t questions God’s ways much. I was taught not to question God because he knows better than I do. As I grew up and developed my own […]

Admitting the truth is hard.

Things have been quiet here lately. A welcome change to the last few months of life. School is over for the year, baseball is over and now I don’t have to concern myself with so many schedules. It is oddly freeing. This has taken away so much stress in my life. The anxiety level has […]

The anxiety creeps back

Last week I took a week off.  My first week off since November.  We didn’t travel anywhere because my baby graduated from Kindergarten and we still had baseball.  But it was wonderful.  It was a great time of relaxation and fun with my family. Not having to juggle work, home, baseball, school for the boys […]